Add or remove a user

How to add or remove a user on your company’s account

You can add new users joining your hiring team directly from your account so that they can start sourcing engineers on cord straight away.

Please note that if you are on one of the legacy pricing plans, the maximum number of Owner/Full Access users may vary. You can check how many user seats you can assign in the Billing section of your account settings.

Add a user

Go to the Hiring Team section from the dropdown menu in your account to find a list of all the users currently associated with your company account.

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To add a new user to your company account, use the short form on the left side of the page:

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Delete a user

You can delete users' accounts in the Team members section on the same page if you are an Owner (Full Access, Admin or Viewer cannot delete users’ accounts).

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Watch this short video on how to add a user, remove a user, and delete your account

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