How to attract high-quality applications

4-Step guide to getting high-quality applications

50% of all hires on cord come from applications, so it’s important you set yourself up to receive high-quality, relevant applications.


Below are the 5 steps you should take to ensure you are receiving high quality applications, with more detail on each provided below that.

  1. Ensure your position is tagged correctly
  1. List salaries
  1. Keep your response rate high
  1. Block applications from people who you cannot employ
  1. Use templates to speed up your workflow

1. Ensure your positions are tagged correctly

Positions on cord are presented to candidates based on how well matched the candidate’s profile is to a position. This covers logistical considerations (eg location, remote preferences) as well as experience and skill criteria (eg job title, core skills, salary).


The more detailed you are with the criteria in your job spec, the more likely the right candidate is. You can update the criteria in your job spec by selecting the position on the left bar, and pressing “edit” in the top right.


2. List Salaries

All candidates on cord list their expected salaries up front, and 75% of companies list salaries on their positions.

Candidates are less likely to apply to your position if they do not know the salary on offer matches their expectations. Gain an advantage by being transparent in your salary offering.


3. Keep your responsiveness percentage at 100%

When candidates view your company and personal profile, they are able to see the % of incoming messages that you have responded to (either positively or negatively) in the last 30 days.

The best people on cord are unlikely to apply to positions that are unresponsive. Keep your response rate above 85% to ensure high-quality applicants are not put off applying.

Your positions will also be more visible to people as search results are ordered by responsiveness.


4. Block applications from people you cannot employ

Keeping your response rate high can be challenging if you are receiving applications from people who you cannot employ.


Use the Application Blocking feature in your settings to block candidates who do not have the right to work at the position they are applying to.

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5. Use templates to speed up your workflow

Building a fast workflow for responding to applications will help ensure you keep your response rate high. Create accept and decline templates that include variables to allow you to instantly create responses in a couple of clicks. Read more on how to use Accept and Decline templates. Create your templates here.

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