Referral programme

Invite companies to join cord


Invite a company to join cord and get 10% off your next month’s bill.



Invite a company to cord using the link provided in your account or add their email address on the same page to invite them. They can book a demo with an Account Executive to understand how cord will help them with their hiring. If the referral is successful, i.e. the company joins cord, you’ll get 10% off your next month’s subscription (or you can chose a £50 Amazon voucher instead), and they’ll get 10% off their first month.

The rewards apply for every company you successfully refer, with no limit to the discount.



Who is eligible for the programme?

  • This offer applies to current cord customers who successfully refer other companies who join cord. This scheme does not apply to people looking for work.
  • It is only possible to refer new customers.
  • The 10% discount for referred companies is only available to new companies joining on a monthly subscription, not an annual plan. The referring company will still be able to get 10% of their next month if the referred company successfully joins cord.
  • Existing cord customers on annual subscriptions are not eligible for the 10% discount on their next month, since they do not make monthly payments. However, they are still eligible for the £50 voucher when they successfully refer companies.

How many companies can I refer?

  • Unlimited! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer or rewards. Get as many rewards as companies who successfully join cord because of you.

What is the reward for referring?

  • For existing customers referring new customers, there is a choice of reward:
    • Choice A: 10% off your next month’s subscription
      • Referral discounts can be combined in a given month, up to the total value of your subscription. Anything above the total cost of your subscription (i.e. above referring 10 companies successfully - 100% discount), will be applied to the following months.
      • The discount will apply to your next billing cycle. If you choose to pause your subscription before then, the discount will be lost - if you think this might happen, the voucher is a better option.
    • or, Choice B: £50 Amazon voucher
  • The company you refer will receive 10% off their first month on cord, if joining on a monthly subscription.

How do I get my reward?

  • A Customer Success Manager will be in touch when a successful referral takes place to find out which reward you would like (discount or voucher)
    • Discounts will be applied to your next month’s bill
    • Vouchers will be sent within 7 days of a successful referral.
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