View company analytics

How to view your company analytics

Your company's analytics dashboard will give you insight into how your positions are being interacted with on cord and the statistics for your team's message requests and conversations.


To view the dashboard, navigate to the Analytics section of your account from the main drop down menu.

You can first select the date range in which you want to see the data for.

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Advanced Company Analytics


In the Company section, you can see how many message requests were sent by your company’s users to people on cord and how many were received as well as how many conversations were started from those requests. The dashboard will also give you an overview of the average response rates and times (also displayed on the company page).

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In the Users section, the data is split between team members.

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And in the Positions section, you can view all information split between your positions on cord.

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You can download the data from each section as a CSV at the bottom of each page.

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